Introducing Natural Character Development

Hand drawn NCD letters

The 3 Color World has now become "Natural Character Development". Same 3 Color tests and tools, same team behind it all, but now with an even greater focus on supporting natural, moment-by-moment character growth.

NCD is about Natural Community Development, Natural Church Development, and Natural Character Development. In fact, the "C" relates to any Context you find yourself in. For over 30 years we've been helping people align themselves with the principles of life in all its fullness that apply to everyone, everywhere, all the time.

We look forward to launching a number of new ways for you to connect with and learn from others around the globe who are developing more life-releasing character in their own lives and in the lives of those in their care. We're also excited to be developing some new growth pathways related to love and wholeness and look forward to bringing those to you!

In the meantime, use one of the character tests to find out what you most need to celebrate and solve in your world right now.

Embrace the journey!

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