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The 3 Colors of Love

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The 3 Colors of Love

The art of giving and receiving justice, truth, and grace.

The 3 Colors of Love focuses on the three fundamental dimensions of God's love that every person can reflect in his or her life: justice, truth and grace. Depending on your starting point, your personal growth path may be very different to someone else's. The 3 Colors of Love offers practical tools to help you identify your starting point and experience the revolutionary power of God's unconventional love in your life.

  1. The Spiritual Color Wheel: How to experience love in all three dimensions
  2. The Fruit of the Spirit Test: What is your personal starting point?
  3. Practical suggestions: 20 exercises that can transform your church into an oasis of love

Chapter 1: What are the three colours of love...

  • The love deficiencies in our churches
  • Misconceptions of love
  • God is love
  • God is light
  • What is darkness?
  • Practicing love means reflecting God's light
  • Model for Justice: James
  • Model for Truth: John
  • Model for Grace: Paul
  • Love can be learned
  • Your personal growth process

Chapter 2: How to reflect God's love...

  • Understanding the fruit of the Spirit
  • 1 Corinthians 13 and the spiritual color wheel
  • The Fruit of the Spirit test
  • The fruit of patience: Enduring love
  • The fruit of joy: Rejoicing love
  • The fruit of peace: Reconciling love
  • The fruit of faithfulness: Reliable love
  • The fruit of goodness: Correcting love
  • The fruit of kindness: Amiable love
  • The fruit of self-control: Disciplined love
  • The fruit of gentleness: Humble love

Chapter 3: Twelve exercises that can revolutionise your life

Chapter 4: Eight exercises to transform your church into an oasis of love

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Christian A. Schwarz is founder and president of the Institute for Natural Church Develop-ment (NCD International) and one of the world‘s most distinguished thinkers and communicators of church development. His institute has worked with over 65,000 churches in 70 countries, and his books have been published in more than 40 languages.

Christian A. Schwarz