The 3 Color World has now become Natural Character Development.

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Character Development Series

The 3 Colors of Leadership

For addressing
Empowering Leadership

The 3 Colors of Your Gifts

For addressing
Gift-based Ministry

The 3 Colors of Your Spirituality

For addressing
Passionate Spirituality

The 3 Colors of Community

For addressing
Holistic Small Groups

The 3 Colors of Love

For addressing
Loving Relationships

NCD Key Concepts

Natural Church Development
God is Indestructible
Paradigm Shift in the Church
God's Energy—Volume 1
God's Energy—Volume 2
God's Energy—Volume 3
God's Energy—The Complete Trilogy
The Threefold Art of Experiencing God

NCD Introductory Series

The All By Itself Pathway
The All By Itself Adventist
The All By Itself Anglican
The All By Itself Salvationist