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The Threefold Art of Experiencing God

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A little giant, far ahead of its time.

Possibly the shortest book that has ever been written on the Trinity, and at the same time the one with the most dramatic impact on the way we lead our lives. In only 32 pages the author demonstrates the practical consequences that arise from not only "believing” in the Trinity, but actually “experiencing” divine reality in the area of each of God‘s three major revelations. A comprehensive introduction to the Trinitarian Compass, that has become the heart of all books on Natural Church Development.

  1. Use NCD to help people move to the core of the Christian faith
  2. Present the most complex theme in theology in an easy-to-grasp way
  3. Help antagonistic streams in your church to fruitfully co-operate



  • Why I Am Writing About the Trinity

Chapter 1:

  • Believing Is Experiencing

Chapter 2:

  • Three Ways of Experiencing God

Chapter 3:

  • The Mystery of the Trinity

Chapter 4:

  • A Christian Pantheon of Gods?

Chapter 5:

  • A Segmented God

Chapter 6:

  • How Heresies Develop

Chapter 7:

  • Self-Assessment: Which Colors Do You Reflect?

Chapter 8:

  • Learning from God‘s Creation

Chapter 9:

  • Where False Views of God Lead

Chapter 10:

  • The Eternal Battle Between Two Misunderstandings

Chapter 11:

  • Why So Many Conflicts Appear Unsolvable

Chapter 12:

  • How Paradigms Change

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Christian A. Schwarz is founder and president of the Institute for Natural Church Develop-ment (NCD International) and one of the world‘s most distinguished thinkers and communicators of church development. His institute has worked with over 65,000 churches in 70 countries, and his books have been published in more than 40 languages.

Christian A. Schwarz