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The 3 Colors of Your Gifts

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The 3 Colors of Your Gifts

The international best-seller on spiritual gifts: 460,000 copies sold.

Comes with 2 free tokens for taking any eTest on this web site.

The 3 Colors of Your Gifts (previously The 3 Colors of Ministry) presents a holistic approach to identifying and developing your spiritual gifts. It is based on the three dimensions of God's nature, for which the author has chosen the colors green, red, and blue. In addition to emphasizing the critical importance of using your gifts in an authentically trinitarian way, this book shows you where you most need to focus your energies in order to bring this kind of balance to your service of others. The natural result will be increased effectiveness.

  1. The Three-Color Gift Test: How to discover and utilize your God-given potential
  2. The Trinitarian Compass: How to connect commitment, power, and wisdom
  3. Updated and revised edition: Includes free tokens for online eTests

Chapter 1: What are the three colours of ministry...

  • Three ways to experience God
  • Three dimensions of ministry: commitment, power, wisdom
  • Are you a Thomas, Martha, Mary, Moses, Peter, or a Jonah
  • Your personal change compass and next steps

Chapter 2: What you should know about spiritual gifts...

  • Everybody is gifted
  • Mistakes are allowed
  • Spiritual gifts and universal Christian responsibilities
  • Quiz: What do you know about spiritual gifts?

Chapter 3: How to identify your spiritual gifts...

  • 7 steps
  • The Three Colour Gift Test
  • Your manifest gifts
  • Your latent gifts
  • Understanding the results

Chapter 4: Learning to utilise your gifts...

  • The Three-Colour Church
  • The ministry description
  • Train your gifts
  • The danger of gift projection

Chapter 5: 30 spiritual gifts - backgrounds, definitions, practical tips.

Chapter 6: Frequently asked questions.

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Christian A. Schwarz is founder and president of the Institute for Natural Church, Character, and Community Development (NCD International) and one of the world‘s most distinguished thinkers and communicators of "all by itself" growth. His institute has worked with over 80,000 churches in 70 countries, and his books have been published in more than 40 languages.

Christian A. Schwarz