Cycle Starter Plans

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Having understood your church a little better with the help of the NCD Church Survey, its now time to start cycling together towards a healthier church. You’ve chosen to start experimenting and learning more about the topic to the left. Now, select one of the cycle starter plans below and write number 1 in its box. Put this sheet on your wall, then, go do it!

Next time you are meeting with others who are also working through a topic, ask each other the questions from the cycle, starting at “do” and finishing at “plan”. After a cycle you may decide the most important thing to do now is to keep going with the same plan, modify it, or choose another option from below. If choosing another from below, just write 2 in its box and so on.

If you’d like more cycle starter options, or to work on another topic highlighted by your NCD Church Survey results, just visit


  • Allow more time than usual in an upcoming meeting when you will visibly put aside the agenda, your diary, your phone and all other distractions to purely focus your interest and attention on the person or people with whom you are meeting.
  • Ask your pastor(s) for specific ways in which you can pray for them personally.
  • Consider whether your church program is too full to allow the leaders to meet regularly with enough time to adequately reflect on the past and plan for the future of your church. Consider whether this quality versus quantity of ministry balance needs addressing.
  • Draw an organisation chart of your church showing how you think things work (who makes decisions, who reports to whom, roles and responsibilities, communication channels, etc) and ask a key leader to comment on your observations.
  • Share with your congregation or team about the most recent recreation time you enjoyed and why you found it renewing.
  • Take note of how many times someone in your church starts a conversation with you by saying something like, "I know you're busy...". Think about what message they are receiving about the time you have available for them.
  • Take the Gift Test on your own or in a group.
  • Use the NCD Stewardship Test process to help your team or group to more effectively use their available time, treasure, and talent.