Terms and Conditions

1. Administration

The website ncdchurchsurvey.org is administered as a cooperation between NCD International directed by Christian A. Schwarz and Christoph Schalk (Germany) and Adam David Johnstone (Australia).

2. Standards

NCD is committed to the highest standards in terms of privacy and data protection. With a 20 year solid track record in this regard, every user, whether an individual or a corporate entity (group, church, organization) can feel completely safe and comfortable in using the NCD tools as an extension of their own ministries.

3. Research

Since all NCD tools (especially the various surveys) depend on ongoing scientific research, the information collected through the surveys provides important raw data for this research. Within the research procedures, care is taken that the staff members do not get access to identifiable names of individuals or churches. In the case that external organizations (e.g. a university) becomes involved in the research, all data is anonymized before being passed on.

4. Help desk

In case users contact the help desk to solve problems with their account or survey-related issues, they grant the person helping with the request the right to access personal data, if this is needed to help solve the problem at stake.

5. Kind of data collected

NCD is committed to ask for the minimal amount of data necessary for producing a specific profile based on the given survey. In some contexts, the user is free to answer additional questions, which may be either relevant for research purposes or for providing taylor-made prompts for their own further growth.

6. Publications

All NCD publications are based on the ongoing research. It is guaranteed that none of these publications will reveal the names of any identifiable individual or group. For instance, we may publish averages of all Anglican (or Baptist, Pentecostal, Lutheran, etc.) churches worldwide or within a given country, but never the data of an identifiable diocese, local church, pastor, or church member. If a specific profile may be interesting to be shared through a publication (because it could serve as an encouraging model, etc.), we contact that group in order to ask for permission.

7. Voluntary sharing

We explicitly encourage the sharing of survey results with other people, in order to enable mutual learning. However, it is always the decision of the user whether or not they want to share their profiles with others, and with whom they would like to share them.

8. Automatic sharing

The only instance of automatic sharing of results in the context of the NCD Church Survey system is to the NCD Coach, Sub-partner or Partner that set up your account on the web site and who is therefore ultimately responsible for supporting you through the process. However, those people are unable to on-share your results via the web site to anyone else.

9. Newsletter

Users may opt in to NCD Church Survey newsletters via a specific question on the Facilitator Form of their NCD Church Survey. By doing so, NCD International or the respective NCD National Partner in their country my contact them by e-mail with carefully selected information that may be of relevance for them. The subscription to this Newsletter function can be easily deactivated at any given time. NCD never passes on e-mail addresses or other individualized information to any other group, with the only exception of the NCD National Partners in the respective countries.

10. Deleting your account

Any user can request, via the contact form at the bottom of each page, to have their account deleted. This step will automatically remove access to their account and will remove their data. Since this step is permanent, i.e. it cannot be reverted, it should be carefully considered.