Cycle Starter Plans

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Having understood your church a little better with the help of the NCD Church Survey, its now time to start cycling together towards a healthier church. You’ve chosen to start experimenting and learning more about the topic to the left. Now, select one of the cycle starter plans below and write number 1 in its box. Put this sheet on your wall, then, go do it!

Next time you are meeting with others who are also working through a topic, ask each other the questions from the cycle, starting at “do” and finishing at “plan”. After a cycle you may decide the most important thing to do now is to keep going with the same plan, modify it, or choose another option from below. If choosing another from below, just write 2 in its box and so on.

If you’d like more cycle starter options, or to work on another topic highlighted by your NCD Church Survey results, just visit


  • Commit to pray for any family or friends of a new Christian in your church who do not yet know Jesus Christ. Encourage them to look for openings that God may be bringing about through those prayers to share the Gospel through words and actions.
  • Consider whether a lack of new Christians in your church may be connected with a loss of the joy and hope of salvation among the existing Christians in your church. Share with someone what that may mean for you personally.
  • Develop a concise presentation that helps those in your church to choose from the main different types of Bible translations and paraphrases available depending on their need.
  • Invite a new Christian in your church (or one who has made a recent recommitment) to share their story of faith with the church. Allow them to present it in whatever form is most comfortable to them (e.g. spoken words, text, song, art, etc.).
  • Invite a new Christian to join a ministry team in your church that has a focus on serving the community. Endeavour to align their involvement with their unique gifts.
  • Spend time somewhere in your church's local community where disadvantaged people gather (e.g. unemployment office, courthouse, welfare store, etc.) and ask God to show you how your or your church's gifts may connect with the needs you see.