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Community is unity in diversity.

It is about diverse people and things coming together, aligned by their shared purpose, for the benefit of all.

It is a very delicate thing.

In fact, every moment, you are either bringing about common-unity or isolating yourself and others. That’s the power you have as one human among many.

Your community could become a wondrous place if you harness each person’s deepest motivation, paying attention to whether that is most linked to their head, their hands, or their heart.

If you ignore any one of those aspects, instead of growing a diverse unifying community, you will be giving rise to an isolating cult. And that’s bad… really bad.

But it doesn’t need to be that way...

In just a few minutes, the Communal Test can help you discover the aspect of community that you are motivated by at the core of your being. It will then show you how to harness that drive in harmony with others so that, together, you will be able to embrace and not isolate those in your care.

So, how well do you play with others?

The Communal Test involves responding to a series of questions about what drives you at the deepest level to do the things you do.

It will identify your most powerful potential contribution to growing community.

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