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You are gifted.

Whether you know it or not, there’s at least one life-enhancing thing you can do better than most people on the planet.

The people around you need you to do what you are most gifted for. And you need them to do what they can do best. Achieving the greatest things you all hope for requires you to realise the unique impact your contributions have on each other.

In fact, every moment, you are either activating your own and others’ gifts or shutting them down. That’s how connected we humans are.

To see great things happen, you need to activate those around you gifted at either developing, sharing, or renewing.

If you devalue the possible contributions of any of those people, you will rob them of purpose, and stunt your community as a whole.

But it doesn’t need to be that way...

The Gift Test will help you discover what you and others can do best, so that together, you can change the world.

So, what could be your greatest contribution?

How does it work?

The Gift Test involves responding to a series of questions about what you can already do as well as questions relating to abilities that may just be waiting to emerge from within you. It also involves at least two other people who know you well providing some anonymous online feedback based on their observations of your abilities.

Those providing the external perspective will receive instructions about how to complete the survey and information about the confidentiality of their individual answers. When all of the observations are put together, you will discover your strongest areas of giftedness and how those gifts shape what you may be called to do in the world.

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