The nature of Inspiration

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Inspiration is the breath of life.

Without it, your soul deflates and dies.

You can breathe it in, and you can breathe it out to others.

In fact, every moment, you are either inspiring those around you, or draining life from them. That’s an inescapable part of being human.

A truly inspired and inspiring life is possible if you live out teachability, discipline, and humility.

If you are missing one of these when it’s most needed, instead of inspiring, you will suck life out of those around you… and yourself.

But it doesn’t need to be that way...

In just a few minutes, the Inspiration Test can help you discover the way in which you already breathe life into those around you. It will also reveal to you how you most likely drain life from yourself and others, and exactly what you can do to change that for the better.

So, what happens when you enter the room?

How does it work?

The Inspiration Test involves responding to a series of questions about how you approach the opportunities and challenges of daily life.

It will show you how you already allow inspiration to flow through you and will highlight the unique thing you need to do to experience even more of it.

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